Sign the petition: We Need a Florida Homeowner Bill of Rights!

Florida lawmakers are at work now on a Homeowners Bill of Rights that will provide much-needed safeguards for homeowners. Sign on below to add your name in support!

For many Floridians, owning a home is a dream come true. ​And for many, our homes are our largest investments and what we hope to pass on to our kids.

Please support a Florida Homeowner Bill of Rights, and ensure that Florida homeowners and borrowers have:

  • The right to be heard – banks and mortgage servicers need to acknowledge communications from borrowers.
  • The right to be informed – Floridians should be able to hear about and discuss all available options to avoid foreclosure
  • The right to fair dealing – it’s time to put an end to dual-tracking in the state of Florida
  • The right to choose better insurance – force-placed insurance plans are expensive and unnecessary; we should have the right to choose our own home insurance
  • The right to transfer – when our loans are transferred to different servicers, all of the existing paperwork, including modification agreements, should be transferred as well.

These are more than our houses — these are our dreams.