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Sign the Letter to Your Lawmaker: Support the Homeowner Bill of Rights

Florida lawmakers are at work now on a Homeowners Bill of Rights that will provide much-needed safeguards for homeowners. Sign on below to add your name in support!

TALLAHASSEE, FL: Lawmakers have unveiled House Bill 1051 in the Florida House, and the companion bill, Senate Bill 1706 in the Florida Senate. Advocates are calling these bills a “Homeowner Bill of Rights.”

The Homeowner Bill of Rights sets out to help Florida homeowners live the American Dream by ensuring they have fair and honest dealings with the mortgage lending and servicing industry.

It also sets out lower the number of expensive and unnecessary foreclosures as much as possible.

The companion bills consist of several sections which spell out homeowners’ rights and responsibilities when dealing with mortgage lenders and servicers, including cleaning up practices like “dual tracking,” excessive fees, guidelines for the loan modification process, spelling out the rights of homeowners when their loans are transferred from one servicer to another, and much more.


Send a letter to your state legislators now and let them know you support the Homeowner Bill of Rights!