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Protecting the American Dream in the Sunshine State


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Protecting the American Dream in the Sunshine State

Lending used to be simple, but today it’s a wall street money making machine. Millions risk losing their homes to unethical and illegal lending practices. That’s not right. We deserve honest, accountable, and transparent lending.

Homeownership is the foundation of the American Dream. A home is not just a house: it’s a place to raise a family, to gain wealth, to find a place and purpose in your community. A home determines who your neighbors are, where your children go to school, and even where you decide to work and worship. For decades, a family buying and owning a home has been a major life event supported and applauded as the foundation of the American Dream.

Lending used to be simple, honest, and transparent. Lenders used to loan directly to homeowners and have a stake in keeping families in their homes. But over the last three decades, lending has turned into a wall street money-making machine.

Today, instead of working with families to keep them in their homes, banks continue the unethical servicing and fraudulent foreclosure practices they promised to stop doing after the $25b settlement with the 49 State Attorneys General. 

To ensure the dream of homeownership remains reachable for all of us, Floridians for Honest Lending is working to ensure banks, mortgage servicers, and lawyers all play by the same set of common sense rules. 

We believe that our system will only work with honesty, accountability, and transparency.

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Honest Lending Report

After orchestrating one of the largest consumer frauds in American history, the banking industry continues the unethical and illegal servicing and foreclosure practices that were uncovered during the “robo-signing” scandal which eventually led to the $25b settlement with 49 State Attorneys General in 2012.

Get Help

If you are a homeowner, renter, or landloard and need financial help, you may want to check out the federal governments new website. TONS of resources available here.

Tell Your Story

Floridians For Honest Lending works to collect and expose stories of predatory lending practices in the mortgage industry so that the press and our elected leaders are aware that these practices are still happening. If you or your family have been a victim of a fraudulent foreclosure or abusive practice from the mortgage servicing industry, help us tell your story.

Recent Updates

Florida: it’s time for a Homeowner Bill of Rights

For most Americans, our homes are our largest investments and what we hope to pass on to our kids. So, it is important that banks and mortgage servicers play by a fair and honest set of rules when marketing and dealing with financial consumers. Just as we expect the food and drug industry to sell safe, clean, and healthy products in the marketplace, we also need the mortgage and banking industry to abide by common sense rules to safeguard our homes from fraud, theft, and wrongful foreclosures. These are more than our houses — these are our dreams. Florida lawmakers are at work now on a Homeowners Bill of Rights that will provide much-needed safeguards for homeowners.

Our Priorities

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An Honest Deal

Every day, regular people take painstaking measures to fill out forms and documents honestly. It’s not just the right thing to do, but a basic need when dealing with others. Everyone understands lying on important forms like your tax return or loan application is illegal with potentially large penalties. Yet banks have consistently embraced fraudulent or maliciously sloppy practices like “robosigning” when dealing with mortgages, and scoffed at the penalties when they get caught. This needs to stop.
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Everyone understands that when you make a mistake the right thing is to apologize and make amends. Yet, in court when dealing with foreclosure matters, banks consistently hold that their mistakes are irrelevant. Untold numbers of Floridians have lost their homes even though they could prove beyond a doubt that the banks foreclosing on them had lied. It’s the result of a judicial system that gives banks the benefit of the doubt – but doesn’t extend the same to Floridians.

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There are many players within the lending system. Realtors, Mortgage Brokers, Banks, Mortgage Servicers, Lawyers, Title Lawyers, and Investors. All of this can lead to confusion and problems for consumers. Florida has the largest vulnerable population of elderly and foreign born residents in the country. Florida should be the leader in protecting consumers.

The fines against the nation’s largest banks for their role in inflating a mortgage bubble that helped cause the financial crisis

The average settlement payment to Florida foreclosure victims from the national settlement

The national number of homes lost in foreclosures between 2007 and 2016

The most recent (October 2020) Florida settlement against mortgage servicer Ocwen for unethical servicing

Are you a victim of predatory lending practices in the mortgage industry?